Shimla – The Himachal Pradesh government has initiated the recruitment process to fill 200 vacant nursing positions within the Health Department. These positions will be allocated across Hospitals and Community Health Centers, aiming to alleviate the current staff shortages and enhance healthcare services.

The recruitment will be conducted on both a commission and batch-wise basis, addressing the critical need for nursing staff in numerous hospitals where many posts have remained unfilled. In several Community Health Centers, the absence of nurses has led to pharmacists performing dual roles.

The deployment of these nurses is expected to significantly mitigate the staffing deficiencies and improve healthcare delivery. The state government is also working on to modernize Hospitals with advanced medical facilities. To support this, the recruitment of specialist doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff is being prioritized. Additionally, the installation of new medical equipment in these hospitals has already begun.

With the establishment of 68 Adarsh Hospitals across the state, including in most assembly constituencies, the government aims to provide comprehensive medical services. These facilities will offer specialized care in gynaecology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, medicine, and surgery, thereby reducing the patient load on medical colleges.

Health Secretary M Sudha emphasized the government’s commitment to equipping Hospitals and Community Health Centers with modern amenities and adequate staff. “Apart from staff, equipment is to be installed in these centers to ensure they are fully functional and can meet the healthcare needs of the population,” she stated.