Shimla – Demonstrating the true spirit of democracy, polling teams in Himachal Pradesh are making extraordinary efforts to ensure every citizen can exercise their right to vote in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. The State Election Department announced today that 6,589 polling parties have embarked on their journeys to polling stations across the state, navigating challenging terrains and vast distances to uphold the democratic process.

Polling Party Walking to ‘Pandaar’ in Dodra-Kwar

A spokesperson for the department highlighted the extensive efforts undertaken by the polling teams. Two days before the polls, 6,589 numbers of polling parties set out: 1,617 teams in Kangra, 1,196 in Mandi, 967 in Shimla, and 624 in Chamba. In addition, 582 teams left from Solan, 571 from Kullu, 409 from Bilaspur, and 403 from Sirmour. Even the remote districts of Lahaul & Spiti and Kinnaur saw 92 and 128 polling parties respectively, all heading towards their designated stations.

On the eve of the elections, May 31st, an additional 1,403 polling parties are scheduled to move towards their stations, ensuring all preparations are in place for the voting day.

In Chamba district’s Mehla block, under the Mandi Parliamentary Constituency, one polling party walked an arduous 15 kilometers to reach the ‘Aehlami’ polling booth. Similar treks were undertaken by other teams, including an 11-kilometer journey to ‘Pandaar’ in Dodra-Kwar and to the ‘Shaakti’ booth within the Great Himalayan National Park in Kullu. Another team covered 13 kilometers on foot to reach the ‘Chakki’ polling station in Bhattiyat assembly segment, part of the Kangra Parliamentary Constituency.

To further facilitate the process, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and related equipment were airlifted by helicopter to the remote Bara Banghal area, accompanied by the assigned polling teams.

These remarkable efforts by the Election Commission of India and the people of Himachal Pradesh underscore the deep commitment to ensuring that every eligible voter, regardless of location, has the opportunity to participate in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. The logistical challenges faced by the polling parties highlight the dedication and determination to uphold the democratic process in every corner of the state, keeping the spirit of democracy alive and thriving.