Bilaspur – In a heart-wrenching incident near Delag under the Barmana police station in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, an elderly couple met a tragic end when their vehicle careened off the road, plunging into a 50-meter deep ditch. Alongside the couple, another couple in the vehicle sustained serious injuries, prompting a swift response from local authorities.

According to the statement provided to the police by Amrinder Kumar, a resident of village Kanaun Post Office Dhaun Kothi Tehsil Sadar, he recounted the horrifying moment when a speeding car, heading from the Kandaur direction, lost control and veered off course, plummeting into the abyss below.

The four occupants of the vehicle, two men, and two women, were promptly rushed to the Bilaspur regional hospital for urgent medical attention. Tragically, despite the best efforts of medical personnel, the elderly couple, identified as Subhash Kumar (57) and Ranjana Devi (55), residents of village Jhajjar, post office Gehardwin tehsil Jhanduta, succumbed to their injuries. Meanwhile, the injured couple, Ankush Kumar and Ankita Kumari, both residents of the same village, continue to receive medical care, their condition is reported to be serious. Police have registered a case.