Rampur – As the Lok Sabha elections gather momentum, Aparajita Singh, sister of parliamentary candidate Vikramaditya Singh, has taken the reins of campaigning, traversing villages and rallying support for her brother’s candidacy in the Mandi parliamentary seat of Himachal Pradesh.

Married in the Patiala royal family in Punjab, Aparajita Singh has reached Rampur to spearhead the campaign for her younger brother. With unwavering determination, she is canvassing every village in Rampur, fervently urging constituents to pledge their support for Vikramaditya Singh.

In her impassioned appeals to the electorate, Aparajita Singh emphasizes the significance of Vikramaditya’s candidacy, portraying him as a representative of regional pride and a beacon for the state at large. Addressing villagers in Rampur region, she implores voters to send Vikramaditya to Delhi to amplify the voice of Himachal Pradesh on the national stage.

Taking a swipe at political opponents, Aparajita Singh challenges BJP campaigners, urging voters to question their commitment to the state during times of adversity. She emphasizes the importance of holding representatives accountable for their actions and calls upon constituents to demand answers regarding relief efforts during natural disasters.

In a symbolic gesture of reverence, Aparajita Singh sought blessings from the local deity in Darkali village, invoking divine favour for her brother’s electoral triumph. Reflecting on her familial ties to the region, she asserts, “I am the daughter of Bushehr, and the entire Bushehr is my family.”

Aparajita Singh’s active involvement in Vikramaditya’s electoral pursuits is not unprecedented. In the 2017 Assembly Election, she played a pivotal role in Vikramaditya’s campaign in the Shimla Rural assembly constituency, underscoring her enduring commitment to her brother’s political aspirations.

As the campaign gains momentum, Aparajita Singh’s impassioned efforts serve as a rallying cry for supporters of Vikramaditya Singh, amplifying anticipation for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and shaping the contours of political discourse in Himachal Pradesh.