A devastating fire tore through a residential property in Bareshtu village in Sharontha Gram Panchayat of Rohru sub-division, Shimla district, on Thursday evening. The inferno left seven families homeless, engulfing their belongings and provisions in its fiery wrath. Miraculously, no casualties were reported despite the intensity of the blaze, attributed to a suspected short circuit.

The calamity unfolded at approximately 5 p.m. within a four-storey wooden structure, leaving the entire edifice enveloped in flames. Thankfully, at the time of the outbreak, occupants were away attending to their daily routines, sparing them from harm. As smoke billowed from the structure, triggering widespread alarm, villagers rushed to the scene, endeavouring to douse the conflagration. Despite valiant attempts utilizing power sprayers and water-filled buckets, the villagers’ efforts proved futile.

Regrettably, the narrowness of the access road impeded the timely arrival of fire brigade personnel, exacerbating the challenge of containment. SDM Rohru Vijay Vardhan, alongside administrative officials, reached at spot to oversee relief efforts.