Shimla – In a significant stride towards embracing digital transformation, the Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh has announced a pioneering move to shift towards a paperless protocol for the issuance of E-Admit Cards. The decision, finalized in a recent meeting presided over by Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania, marks a crucial milestone in streamlining administrative processes and enhancing efficiency within the legislative framework.

The decision revolves around mandating online applications for E-Admit Cards through the Legislative Assembly Secretariat’s online portal. This groundbreaking initiative, aimed at modernizing and simplifying the process, aligns with the broader national agenda of promoting digital governance and reducing reliance on traditional paperwork.

Under the newly introduced e-Vidhan system, the Legislative Assembly Secretariat will process and print E-Admit Cards exclusively through online applications. This move not only ensures a quicker and more accessible process for legislators, officials, and other stakeholders but also aligns with contemporary trends in administrative management.

The decision comes ahead of the 13-day budget session scheduled to commence on February 14, 2024. Senior officials, including Inspector General of Police Vigilance Santosh Patial, Inspector General of Police South Range Pupul Dutta, DC and SP Shimla, and other key authorities, were present at the meeting.

Addressing the gathering, Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania emphasized the importance of adapting to technological advancements to enhance the overall efficiency and security of legislative proceedings. The shift to online E-Admit Card applications is poised to significantly reduce paperwork, minimize administrative bottlenecks, and expedite the security verification process during entry into the Legislative Assembly complex.

The online application system will feature a seamless process for legislators and other authorized personnel, allowing for the submission of necessary details through a user-friendly interface. Once submitted, the e-Vidhan system will generate E-Admit Cards, complete with a QR code for authentication, which will be monitored by the police from a centralized control room.