Shimla – In a significant stride towards embracing sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) has announced its ambitious plan to procure 1,932 electric buses over the next four years. This landmark decision aligns with the state government’s commitment to promote green energy and reduce the carbon footprint of public transportation.

Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri shared this development during the Board of Directors Meeting of HRTC. He emphasized that the transition from diesel-run buses to electric ones is a key initiative to contribute to environmental conservation.

“For the fiscal year 2024-25, the HRTC aims to acquire 297 Type 1 buses and 30 Type 3 buses,” stated Deputy Chief Minister Agnihotri. This move reflects the government’s dedication to modernize the state’s public transport system while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

To support the shift to electric buses, the HRTC has allocated Rs 11.43 crore to the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board. This fund will be utilized for establishing electrical charging stations at strategic locations in Shimla Local and Hamirpur/Nadaun. The charging stations in Shimla will be strategically placed at Shimla Local Workshop, near ISBT Tutikandi, Taradevi Workshop, Theog Bus Stand, Arki, and Junga. In Hamirpur/Nadaun, stations are planned for the Hamirpur Workshop, Hamirpur Bus Stand, Jahu Bus Stand, Nadaun Bus Stand, and New Electric Depot Nadaun.

Deputy Chief Minister Agnihotri, while presiding over the meeting, commended the dedication of HRTC to providing commuters with comfortable and safe journeys. The Board of Directors expressed their appreciation for the Corporation’s efforts and pledged to cooperate in delivering enhanced facilities in the future.

In addition to the electrification initiative, the Deputy Chief Minister inaugurated the Centralized Inventory Management System (CIMS). This system facilitates the daily monitoring and control of inventory at the head office and block levels, aiming to streamline procurement processes and save public funds. The CIMS is currently undergoing a trial run at various workshops across the state.

Furthermore, the meeting highlighted the ongoing development of the Integrated Ticketing Management System, a pioneering initiative that will make Himachal Pradesh the first state to offer ticketing facilities through debit cards, credit cards, UPI, QR codes, and the National Common Mobility Card.

Deputy Chief Minister Agnihotri also announced upcoming online facilities for issuing bus passes, benefiting students and other commuters. Emphasizing transparency, he urged the Finance Department to grant permission for bus purchases in the current fiscal year and advocated for an annual global tender process.

As HRTC sets the wheels in motion for a green and tech-savvy future, Himachal Pradesh emerges as a pioneer in sustainable public transportation solutions.