In response to growing concerns surrounding the introduction of the ‘Annual Period Based Guest Faculty’ by the government, Chief Minister’s Principal Advisor (Media) Naresh Chauhan clarified the intentions behind the proposal. Chauhan emphasized that the government’s motive should not be misunderstood, as the Guest Faculty initiative seeks to enlist the services of talented youth to fill temporary gaps in schools.

Speaking to the media, Chauhan explained that the Guest Faculty arrangement is specifically designed for situations where regular teachers are on extended leave, schools face vacancies, or when teachers are in the process of being transferred. The primary goal is to ensure that the education of students is not disrupted during these periods, he asserted.

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Chauhan advised the youth to avoid misconceptions about the government’s narrative, noting that even universities and colleges have similar provisions for hiring guest faculty. He emphasized that the Guest Faculty positions are temporary, serving as a stop-gap measure to prevent any disruption in the education of school children.

Importantly, Chauhan clarified that the initiative is not a form of recruitment or a regular government posting. It does not entail permanent positions but instead involves hiring guest faculty members on a ‘period payment’ basis. The government’s objective is to enlist meritorious youth temporarily, ensuring that the education of children does not suffer when regular teachers are either transferred or when there is a shortage of teaching staff.

In essence, the ‘Annual Period Based Guest Faculty’ proposal aims to address short-term staffing challenges in schools, prioritizing the continuous and uninterrupted education of students. The government is keen on leveraging the expertise of talented individuals on a temporary basis to bridge gaps and maintain the quality of education in schools across the region.