In a significant development, a clandestine operation involved in manufacturing counterfeit drugs has been exposed in Baddi, the pharmaceutical hub of Himachal Pradesh. Magtech Enterprises Katha, the focal point of this illicit enterprise, was found producing fake medicines bearing the names of renowned pharmaceutical companies Mankind and Intas Pharma. Seizing the moment, authorities swiftly confiscated spurious medications worth an estimated Rs 55 lakh from the facility. However, the owner of the establishment managed to evade capture and is currently at large.

This latest revelation adds to the growing list of cases involving counterfeit drug manufacturing that have plagued Baddi. Earlier incidents resulted in the arrest of two other counterfeit drug manufacturers and even apprehended a supplier of raw materials connected to these illegal activities. Acting on a tip-off, the Drug Department initiated a targeted operation to intercept a shipment of counterfeit medicines bound for Delhi. Following the lead, a specialized team raided a transport godown located on RS Road Line Sai Road, Baddi, unearthing a substantial stockpile of counterfeit medicines valued at Rs 55 lakh. These spurious drugs, falsely branded as products from Sikkim-based Mankind and Intas Pharma, were destined for distribution in Delhi.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the fraudulent medicines were being produced in a company situated in Katha, Baddi. Acting swiftly, law enforcement conducted a late-night raid on the company’s premises, unearthing a significant quantity of Inpose tablets and related incriminating evidence. Furthermore, the transport vehicle used by the company for illicit distribution purposes was seized. The Delhi Drug Controller was informed of the discovery, and authorities are actively pursuing leads to ascertain the involvement of additional individuals in this criminal enterprise. Drug Controller Navneet Marwah has confirmed the veracity of the findings.

The recent bust has raised concerns regarding the far-reaching network of counterfeit drug circulation. Preliminary investigations suggest that the accused primarily operated from Delhi, serving as a hub for sourcing and distributing spurious medications to various states.