Nauni University and Chaudhary Saravan Kumar Agriculture University to provide training; Licenses to be granted based on scientific research

Rajgarh: The government of Himachal Pradesh is set to take a progressive step by legalizing cannabis cultivation for medicinal and industrial purposes. In a meeting chaired by Revenue and Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi, the decision was made to provide training for representatives from Panchayati Raj Institutions in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for cannabis cultivation. Institutions like Horticulture University Nauni and Agriculture University, Palampur, Kangra will be responsible for conducting the training.

The objective of this training program is to raise awareness among the representatives about the potential benefits of cannabis cultivation. Minister Negi emphasized the importance of considering the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders before finalizing the decision to legalize cannabis cultivation. By providing training, the government aims to ensure that the representatives have a comprehensive understanding of the medicinal and industrial properties of cannabis.

Nauni University, in collaboration with other educational institutions, will organize a specialized training camp for the representatives from Solan district. This camp will cover various aspects of cannabis cultivation, including cultivation techniques, best practices, and the diverse applications of cannabis in medicinal and industrial sectors.

The government-appointed committee responsible for the legalization of cannabis cultivation has been actively engaged in gathering public opinions and promoting awareness about the benefits of cannabis. Meetings have been held in different districts, such as Kullu, Mandi, Kangra, and Chamba, where stakeholders have been given a platform to share their perspectives. The committee has also conducted visits to the Central Narcotics Bureau and other states to gather comprehensive information on cannabis use and regulations.

Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi highlighted the economic potential of cannabis cultivation. Scientific research has shown that the hemp variety of cannabis contains Cannabidiol (CBD), which is widely used in the treatment of various diseases. Additionally, hemp can be utilized in the production of cloth, paper, oil, paint, and numerous other industrial products. The government aims to maintain strict laws against the misuse of cannabis as an intoxicant and intensify efforts to combat drug trafficking.

Minister Negi also emphasized the importance of dispelling misconceptions surrounding cannabis. He clarified that the legalization of cannabis cultivation is intended solely for non-intoxicating uses. Licenses for cultivation will be granted based on scientific research, ensuring that the seeds provided for cultivation have minimal intoxicating properties. The government’s efforts in lobbying for legalization have been supported by the High Court, further solidifying their commitment to responsible cannabis cultivation.

The meeting held at Ambedkar Bhawan, Rajgarh, attended by Deputy Commissioner Sirmour Sumit Khimta, Superintendent of Police Sirmour Raman Kumar Meena, Secretary of the State Congress Committee Dayal Pyari, and President of the District Congress Committee Anand Parmar. The collective efforts of the government and various stakeholders in promoting responsible cannabis cultivation aim to unlock the immense potential of the plant for the benefit of Himachal Pradesh’s economy and overall well-being. With proper training and a focus on responsible usage, the legalization of cannabis cultivation has the potential to contribute positively to the state’s economic growth and provide opportunities for its residents.