Shimla: Tribal Development Minister Jagat Singh Negi reaffirmed the Himachal Pradesh government’s unwavering commitment to addressing the demands of tribal communities by pursuing the allocation of Nautor land. Minister Negi’s statement comes amidst ongoing efforts to empower tribal populations and ensure equitable access to land resources.

The allocation of Nautor land holds significant importance for tribal communities in Himachal Pradesh, providing them with essential resources for sustenance and livelihood development. Under the Himachal Pradesh Nautor Land Rules 1968, eligible beneficiaries are entitled to receive 20 bighas of government land if they possess less than 20 bighas. Minister Negi emphasized the government’s dedication to fulfilling this provision and meeting the land ownership needs of tribal residents.

However, Minister Negi acknowledged challenges posed by regulatory hurdles, particularly the Forest Conservation Act-1980, which has impeded the allocation process. In response to these obstacles, the Congress Government suspended the act from 2014 to 2018, allowing for the allocation of Nautor land during this period. Despite efforts to streamline the process, Minister Negi noted the underutilization of this provision, with only one beneficiary allocated land since December 2017.

Addressing concerns raised during public protests, the BJP government implemented Nautor provisions in 2020 for one year but failed to allocate any land during their tenure. Minister Negi expressed disappointment over the lack of progress and underscored the urgency of addressing pending Nautor cases.

In recent developments, Minister Negi revealed that the Congress Government reiterated its request to exempt tribal areas from the Forest Conservation Act of 1980 in 2023, aiming to facilitate the allocation of Nautor Land. This move reflects the government’s commitment to prioritizing tribal welfare and meeting their long-standing demands for land allocation.