Shimla is currently experiencing an unprecedented and record-breaking cold spell following recent rainfall. In a surprising turn of events, Shimla has shattered a two-decade record with the minimum temperature plummeting below 10 degrees Celsius in June 2023, a phenomenon that hasn’t been witnessed since 1999. This abrupt and significant drop in temperature has taken both residents and tourists by surprise, as the town transforms into a winter wonderland amidst the summer months.

According to the latest data from the Meteorological Center in Shimla, several cities across the state recorded minimum temperatures below the 10-degree mark on Saturday. However, it was Shimla that experienced the most significant impact, with its coldest June temperature in almost twenty years. The atmosphere now bears a wintry resemblance rather than the usual warmth associated with the summer season.

The current temperature readings in Shimla reflect a substantial deviation from the average. Saturday witnessed a minimum temperature of 11.6 degrees Celsius, following a reading of 9.6 degrees Celsius just two days prior. The Meteorological Department attributes this drastic drop in temperature to recent rain and snowfall caused by a western disturbance, which has disrupted the usual temperature patterns across most parts of the state.

As we look ahead, a mixed weather pattern is expected to prevail in Himachal Pradesh. Light showers have been forecasted for certain areas of the state on Sunday and Monday, bringing some respite from the unusual cold. However, it is essential to note that a yellow alert has been issued for the state on June 6, signalling the need for caution and preparedness due to potential weather-related challenges.

Shimla’s unique weather conditions continue to captivate both nature enthusiasts and visitors seeking an escape from the scorching summer heat. However, the recent record-breaking cold spell has added an element of surprise and intrigue to the hill station’s climate. As the region adapts to these unusual temperature fluctuations, it serves as a reminder of nature’s unpredictable beauty and the need to embrace the unexpected in our journey through the seasons.