Kangra: Senior Congress leader and former minister G S Bali has slammed the BJP-led state government for crumbling health services in the state.

“Despite assistance from the Centre, the state government has failed to provide health services to the poorest of the poor,” said Bali while interacting to media persons at Kangra.

He alleged that he has received numerous complaints from especially the poor people stating that they are not being provided adequate treatment in the government hospitals.

Accusing the state government for neglecting Dr Rajinder Prasad Government Medical College Tanda, Kangra, he said, “The super specialty block of Tanda Medical College hospital is practically closed and patients with minor ailments are being checked in routine.”

“Tanda hospital caters to almost half of the populace of the state, in spite of it, the hospital is facing government apathy. The hospital is not getting adequate funds, nor medicines and adequate staff. If we compare it with Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla (IGMC), there is only 30 percent staff strength at Tanda Medical College,” he charged.

He said, “Previous Congress government had made separate cadre for IGMC and Tanda to ensure availability of staff for Tanda college. However, some staff in Tanda college using their influence in the government have taken adjustment at IGMC, even though their cadre is Tanda Medical College.”

This has severely affected the super-specialty services in Tanda hospital,  he added.

“Unemployment figures are on the rise in the state, there are over 10 lakh youth registered at the Employment exchange. BJP is running the government on loan and is not being able to generate any taxable revenue,” he said.

 Cement rates are on the rise and the very state that produces cement is selling it for higher cost as compared to the neighbouring states, he rued.

“The people are forced to bear the brunt of the faulty policies of the state government,” said Bali.         

Replying to a question, on state government’s decision to open schools, Bali said, “The state government has taken a decision in haste without any survey. It should take lesson from the Delhi government that has further extended closing of schools.”

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.