The Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC) kick-started its journey towards enhancing the city’s infrastructure and streamlining governance during its first House meeting. The meeting witnessed the approval of crucial resolutions, including the allocation of funds for road tarring projects worth Rs 10 crore and the implementation of tax levies on Central Government buildings. These decisions highlight the MC’s commitment to addressing crucial developmental and administrative matters in Shimla.

One of the primary concerns addressed in the meeting was the improvement of road infrastructure in Shimla. The MC unanimously passed a resolution to allocate Rs 10 crore towards the tarring of roads throughout the city. This crucial development project is already underway and will continue uninterrupted, ensuring smoother and more efficient transportation for residents and visitors alike.

Additionally, the House deliberated on the matter of tax levies on Central Government buildings within Shimla. Recognizing the need for a fair and balanced taxation system, the MC approved the resolution to levy taxes on these properties. This decision aims to ensure equitable distribution of tax burdens while contributing to the overall revenue generation for the city.

In addition to these major infrastructural and financial decisions, the House meeting also focused on addressing pending matters related to the MC’s workforce. Resolutions were passed to facilitate the payment of outstanding arrears, pending salaries, and DA (Dearness Allowance) instalments for the employees. These steps will not only boost the morale of the dedicated workforce but also help resolve any existing grievances.

The House received reassurances from the state government that sufficient funds would be made available for developmental projects within the city. This commitment ensures that the Shimla MC can effectively execute its planned initiatives without any financial constraints. Moreover, efforts will be made to address the issue of staff shortages, which has been hindering the MC’s operations. The resolution aims to allocate necessary personnel to different departments, ensuring optimal functioning and service delivery to the citizens of Shimla.

During the meeting, Shimla MLA, Urban, Harish Janartha, voiced the importance of collecting pending taxes and dues from citizens before considering any increases in property tax or other forms of taxation. Janartha suggested that this matter be taken up in subsequent meetings to avoid placing an additional burden on the citizens. This prudent approach aims to strike a balance between the financial needs of the MC and the well-being of the community.

Mayor Surender Chauhan and Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Anirudh Singh emphasized the significance of comprehensive budget estimates from ward councillors. By presenting work-specific proposals, councillors can facilitate a streamlined allocation of funds for development projects. The Mayor further encouraged councillors to come up with unique proposals, which can be brought to the attention of the Chief Minister for consideration during budgetary allocations.

The meeting also addressed various other concerns raised by councillors, including demands for a permanent venue for House meetings and the recognition of Corona Warriors who have served diligently during the pandemic. The House resolved to prioritize those who contributed to the city’s fight against COVID-19 and ensure their inclusion under the Sahib Society.