Shimla – The Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) in Shimla has emerged as a beacon of academic excellence and intellectual rigour, according to Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla. Addressing the Fellows and Associate Fellows of the esteemed institution, Governor Shukla lauded IIAS for its outstanding contributions in the fields of research and academia.

Governor Shukla emphasized that the true essence of any institution lies not in its physical structure but in its accomplishments. He hailed IIAS as an embodiment of former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s vision to revive India’s ancient traditions of knowledge and learning. With its unwavering commitment to interdisciplinary research and critical thinking, IIAS has become a catalyst for innovation and a driving force behind the intellectual landscape of the country.

Expressing his delight, Governor Shukla highlighted the institute’s efforts in fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of promoting research. IIAS has garnered a wealth of knowledge through its extensive entrepreneurship initiatives, including lectures by renowned experts, weekly seminars, and inter-university collaborations. The institute’s library, housing an impressive collection of books from eminent scholars, was acknowledged as a treasure trove of wisdom.

Governor Shukla expressed his hope that IIAS would continue to foster a research-oriented culture, placing particular emphasis on the inclusion of texts in Indian languages within the institute’s library. In support of his belief in the power of research, the Governor released two books published by IIAS and two additional books from the Central Hindi Directorate.

During his visit, Governor Shukla explored the institution’s picture exhibition, library, and the historic Viceroy’s office and room. He displayed a keen interest in the rich heritage and historical significance preserved within IIAS. To honor excellence in academia, the Governor presented Padma Bhushan Prof. Kapil Kapoor with a special recognition on this momentous occasion.

As IIAS continues to flourish as a symbol of academic prowess and intellectual fortitude, it reaffirms its commitment to pushing boundaries, nurturing curiosity, and creating a brighter future through scholarly pursuits.