The Himachal Pradesh State Government is steadfast in its commitment to providing transparent, responsive, and accountable administration to the people. With a strong emphasis on promoting citizen satisfaction and ensuring timely redressal of grievances, the government has implemented technology platforms and administrative reforms at both the State and district levels. By adopting best practices and prioritizing the welfare of the people, the government aims to create a sense of trust and assurance among the public that their concerns will be addressed promptly and efficiently.

Emphasizing the importance of citizen-centric governance, the Chief Minister called for a paradigm shift in the system. He stressed the significance of involving citizens in policy formulation and implementation, aiming to establish a capable, innovative, and forward-looking public service. Chief Minister Sukhu provided clear directives to public servants, urging them to develop and implement an effective grievance redressal system to meet society’s genuine demands.

“I want to provide an accountable administration to the people of the State,” stated the Chief Minister. To achieve this objective, the State Government plans to devise an efficient mechanism and enhance the functioning of the helpline number. Directives have already been issued to the officers of the IT Department to strengthen the helpline system.

Additionally, CM Sukhu emphasized the need for innovative schemes, such as Whatsapp, Chat-bots, and Voice Bots, to enable automated feedback collection from citizens.

Recognizing the importance of accurate and real-time data in enhancing public services, the State Government recently launched the ‘Him Data Portal.’ This common digital platform integrates data from various organizations, enabling efficient delivery of welfare schemes and better service provision. The government aims to leverage data as the most crucial asset of the 21st century and ensure its timely and accurate collection. Through innovation and information technology, the State Government strives to make Himachal an exemplary state in the country.

The Him Data Portal consolidates valuable data from multiple departments and domains, facilitating comprehensive visualization of patterns, identifying gaps, opportunities, and connections. This collaborative approach enhances governance efficiency, ensuring that even the last person in the queue receives effective support and assistance.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.