In a significant move aimed at improving the quality of education, the Himachal Pradesh government is set to intervene and bring about substantial changes in the examination procedures of private universities. The State Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission has stepped forward to propose crucial improvements to the existing system of examinations. Prompted by the directives of Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, a crucial meeting was convened at the state secretariat, where Chief Secretary Prabodh Saxena and commission chairman Major General (retd) Atul Kaushik discussed the pressing matter.

Recognizing the paramount importance of quality education within private educational institutions, the Chief Minister has been steadfast in his call for enhancing examination systems. Keeping this goal in mind, a meeting was held at the State Secretariat on Wednesday. Chief Secretary Prabodh Saxena urged the commission to undertake comprehensive reforms in the examinations conducted by private universities, adhering strictly to the guidelines set forth by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Consequently, the commission will meticulously prepare a detailed proposal, which will subsequently be submitted to the government for consideration.

Major General Atul Kaushik, Chairman of the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission, wasted no time in announcing the establishment of a committee dedicated to addressing this crucial matter. This committee will consist of esteemed subject experts who will contribute their knowledge and expertise to the formulation of the proposal. The discussions will extensively cover private universities and the pertinent UGC regulations. Undoubtedly, the state government is resolutely committed to providing students with an exceptional education characterized by the highest standards of quality.

With the proactive measures being taken to improve the examination system, it is anticipated that private universities in Himachal Pradesh will witness a notable transformation, leading to enhanced academic excellence and an enriched educational experience for students.