Kullu: In a stunning discovery, a rare 16th-century statue of the deity Bhalathi Narayan has been found during excavation in the Bhalathi Narayan temple in Lagghati, Kullu district. The statue, estimated to be from the 16th century, is an exquisite work of art that is drawing the attention of devotees and history enthusiasts alike.

This isn’t the first time such a remarkable discovery has been made in Devbhoomi Kullu. About two months ago, an ancient idol was also found in the premises of the Jwani Mahadev temple in Neuli, Kharahal Valley. These discoveries prove that there is still so much hidden history waiting to be unearthed in this region.

The timing of the Bhalathi Narayan statue discovery is particularly remarkable, as it comes just before the Kahika festival, which is set to take place in the temple this year. The locals believe that the discovery is a miracle and an auspicious sign for the upcoming event.

Devbhoomi Kullu, known as the land of gods and goddesses, is home to hundreds of ancient temples. During excavations around these holy sites, many valuable relics and sculptures have been found. However, the discovery of this statue is especially significant because of its rarity and beauty.

Chaman Thakur, the Kardar of Deity Bhalthi Narayan, expressed his excitement at the discovery and said that the statue would be consecrated with rituals to honor its significance. He added that the discovery has sparked a newfound curiosity among the devotees who are eager to witness this remarkable piece of history.

As more details emerge about the statue and its origins, it is sure to attract even more attention and interest from all over the world. The discovery is a reminder of the rich history and cultural heritage of this region and the importance of preserving it for future generations.