Palampur: In a bid to improve the existing Gaddi goats under migratory production systems, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture has distributed superior Gaddi breeding bucks, emergency kits, and mineral mixture to progressive Gaddi (goat farmers) in Chamba and Kangra districts. The breeding bucks were provided after two stages of selection and scientific management by scientists from the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding.

During the distribution event, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof H.K. Chaudhary, advised farmers to maximize the potential of the breeding bucks, highlighting their disease-free status that can prevent economic losses for the farmers. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining the health of the bucks and keeping proper records.

Furthermore, Prof Chaudhary announced new projects focused on disease management and disaster management for the welfare of Gaddi farmers. The Dean of COVAS, Dr. Mandeep Sharma, emphasized the crucial role of breeding bucks in improving the overall productivity of the flock. Head of the Department Livestock Farm Complex, Dr. S. Katoch, and Principal Investor of the project, Dr. Nishant Verma, revealed that the ongoing All India Coordinated Research Project on Goat Improvement is being implemented under the Central Institute for Research on Goats at Makhdoom, Mathura.

The project has provided over 250 superior breeding bucks to farmers to date, and more than 1600 pure Gaddi goats are being monitored. Two national award winners for Gaddi goat breed conservation, Nandu Ram and Karam Chand, expressed their gratitude to the University for providing them with superior bucks annually. The Vice-Chancellor urged Gaddi farmers to preserve their age-old profession and motivate the new generation to get in touch with the University to improve their goat and sheep flocks. Prof Chaudhary also urged them to maintain their rich culture and traditions, including attire like chola dorra topi.