Palampur – Dr. R.C Agrawal, Deputy Director General of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, is advising a paradigm shift in agricultural research. He advises that routine research should make way for new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, assuring that there is no shortage of funds for those willing to embark on innovative pursuits.

Interacting with postgraduate students at CSK Agriculture University, Dr Agrawal not only conveyed the importance of learning as a lifelong passion for personal and societal progress but also encouraged students to actively seek opportunities to collaborate with Nobel laureates and other eminent scientists.

Dr. Agrawal underscored the transformative impact of exposure to prestigious international and national institutes on students. This experience, he noted, enhances their vision and confidence, preparing them to face and resolve challenges on the academic and research fronts. Passion, according to Dr. Agrawal, is the key ingredient for excelling in one’s chosen profession.

Commending the Centre of Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology on Protected Agriculture and Natural Farming at the University, Dr. Agrawal engaged with the challenges facing agriculture at the national and international levels. As the Chief Guest, he released seven publications authored by university scientists, showcasing the institution’s dedication to advancing agricultural science.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. D.K. Vatsa echoed Dr. Agrawal’s sentiments, envisioning a secure future for agriculture in the hands of bright young scientists. Dr. Vatsa emphasized the pivotal role of technology intervention and artificial intelligence in the coming times, urging the engagement of young farmers in modern agricultural practices.

Expressing gratitude to ICAR, the Vice-Chancellor thanked the organization for sanctioning a project on protected agriculture and natural farming under NAHEP. This initiative has enabled the University to modernize many facilities for future agricultural research. Dr. Vatsa expressed hope that students trained under the project would work dedicatedly for the welfare of farmers.

Dr. Anuradha Agrawal, National Coordinator of NAHEP, lauded the University for developing excellent facilities for protected agriculture and natural farming. She emphasized the meticulous selection of students for advanced training, ensuring a high standard of education and research.