Nauni/Solan: Noted Agri Scientist Dr. Anil Handa has been appointed as Visiting Professor in the School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

Dr. Handa is a Professor in the Department of Plant Pathology, Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni

Dr. Handa is presently on a three-week long international training programme to the United Kingdom being sponsored by the ICAR NAHEP’s Institutional Development Plan being implemented at the university.

Dr. Handa delivered a lecture this week at Wellsbourne, the main campus of the University of Warwick which was attended by the faculty and students of the School of Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology of the University.

He gave an overview of UHF in terms of teaching, research and extension activities. He also presented the activities of the department of Plant Pathology and his research in Plant Virology at the university. The lecture was delivered online to all campuses of Warwick and some other universities in the UK. His research work was appreciated by the students and the faculty of the university.

Dr. KK Raina, Principal Investigator of IDP informed that 24 scientists from UHF are presently in countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, South Korea, France, Thailand and Israel for training programmes ranging between 15 days to 3 months. Three scientists will be going for the international programme in the coming weeks.

Prof Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, Vice Chancellor congratulated Dr. Handa on his achievement and for promoting the university’s work in an international institute of repute. The university faculty, staff and students also congratulated Dr. Handa.