Shimla:  After being defeated by Congress in the 2022 Legislative Assembly election, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that the party will review the reason that lead to its defeat. 

CM Thakur who won from Seraj with a huge margin submitted his resignation to Governor Rajendra Arlekar after BJP failed to get the majority in the election. Jai Ram Thakur defeated Congress candidate Chet Ram by 37,007 votes. He also thanked the people of Seraj for such a huge mandate. 

While addressing the media, Jai Ram Thakur excepted the defeat and said that he respects the people’s mandate. He also thanked the people for giving him the opportunity and said that during his five years tenure, he worked for the development of the state. 

“We will continue to work for the development of the state” he added.

He said that the party gave stiff competition to Congress in the state.

“Despite being defeated by Congress in the majority of the seats there was a very less margin in voting percentage,” he said.

He also congratulated Congress for winning the elections. 

On the question of the possibility of horse-trading, Thakur said that horse trading is not right and Congress should take care of its winning candidates.