Shimla: BJP State President Suresh Kashyap on Sunday has blamed the Congress party of violating Model Code of Conduct and has filed a complaint against Congress in the Election Commission of India (ECI) for issuing a guarantee letter to women in which the party has promised to give Rs 1,500 to them if voted into power.

In a letter written to ECI, Kashyap claimed that in the guarantee letter, Congress has mentioned the name and address of women which is a clear violation of the poll code.

He said that Congress is adopting such lousy tactics because it knows that it is going to be defeated in the upcoming elections.

“Congress has fallen to the lowest level to secure victory in the elections. This is an attempt to woo the female voters of the state and it is a direct attack on their self-esteem” said Kashyap.

“It’s kind of like an offering note for a vote” he added.

He further said that BJP strongly condemns this act of the Himachal Pradesh Congress and demands strict action from the Election Commission on this so that Congress cannot lure the women in a wrong way in the coming elections.