When the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shri Charan Singh Channi said with full steam at a public meeting that he “would not allow any bhaiya from UP, Bihar and Delhi to rule the state”, Shrimati Priyanka – the second leading lady of the Grand Old Political Party of India, kept laughing and clapping on this objectionable comment. She along with her bhaiya also seeks votes in UP and her entire family hails from the great Uttar Pradesh.

When the controversial statement grabbed headlines in the newspapers the next morning, the Congress leader used the same words, which every politician says, that his words had been distorted. The truth can’t be hidden, as the video went viral on social media and the TV cameras also captured the moment. It is said that the matter of the heart comes on the tongue. The same happened in this case. The Congress CM spoke out his thoughts, that too in a public gathering. The fate of the country is decided by Uttar Pradesh and not Punjab, have you forgotten Channi Bhaiya? While his own state is neck-deep in debt, there are not enough employment opportunities for the youth, who migrate to Canada, United States, Australia and other countries for jobs. Uttar Pradesh is busy in the festival of elections and the people there have to decide whether they want a Mafia Raaj or Vikas Raaj, the Rampuri Chakku or Ayodhya Aarti. By the way, the people of the state are wise enough and will make the right choice. No matter what the Bhaiyaji says.