Shimla: On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendera Vishwanath Arlekar today conferred State Awards upon 17 teachers and honoured one with National Award for the year 2021 in a State level function held at Peterhoff Shimla.

The Governor paid tributes to late Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former President of India, on whose birthday Teacher’s Day is celebrated throughout the country. He termed Dr. Radhakrishnan as a voracious personality, Nobel laureate, academician and an able administrator. He said that his ideas were related to the culture of India and he was confident that the education-related to Indian tradition would be re-implemented in the country.

Hailing the role of teachers, Arlekar said that the role of a teacher is immense in society as he guides society. He said that society exists because of the teacher. He said that in our ancient culture, Guru has been given the status of God as no work was completed without Guru. He said that the relationship of the teacher with student was constant and from this point of view his role as a guide was important. He builds the future generation and sets the ideal, he added.

“Teaching is a noble profession and carries a huge responsibility because the conduct, character and thoughts of teachers influence the students and therefore, they should perform their duties honestly and sincerely,” said the Governor.