Kalpa: Expressing concern over the recent spell of massive landslides in Kinnaur district in which many people have been killed, Himachal Pradesh Youth Congress President Nigam Bhandari has demanded the state government to completely ban the construction of new hydroelectric projects in the district.

He has also appealed to the government to come up with necessary changes in the policy of hydroelectric projects.

Hitting out at the state government, Bhandari said, “Time has come to stop exploiting Kinnaur on the pretext of hydroelectric projects and other developmental projects that are taking a toll on the district. Things are now getting out of hand; therefore, the government must take action now. No means no.”

He said that Himachal Pradesh was known for its fertile land, peaceful and clean environment of which people were proud of but now deforestation, continuous blasting, construction of tunnels and hydroelectric projects has weakened the land and degraded the environment which has created a dangerous atmosphere in the district.

Nigam Bhandari recently visited the spot and took stock of the situation. He also met and condoled the affected families in Kafnu, Sapno, Sungra and Kache villages in Kinnaur. He assured them that Youth Congress is with them in such difficult times.

He further demanded the state government to provide compensation to the affected families as soon as possible. He said that there should be no delay in providing financial relief to the people as the people of Kinnaur have not received any compensation for the damage caused to apple crops due to heavy rainfall that was promised to them by the government.