Shimla: Hitting out at BJP three-day brainstorming camp in the state Congress MLA Harshwardhan Chauhan has said that on one hand, the state is facing serious challenges due to the pandemic and BJP is busy making a strategy for three by-elections in the state.

In a statement issued by him, he said that the BJP is only worried about power and it does not care about the state.

“During this three-day meeting, BJP has only discussed about upcoming by polls while there was no mention of rising inflation and unemployment” said Harsh Vardhan.

Chauhan, taking a jibe at the Union government on the daily increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, said that the government is looting the people of the country. Rising inflation and rising prices of diesel petrol every day have made a huge impact on the lives of people especially the middle class and the government is busy filling its coffers.

He said that when United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government was in power, and prices of petrol and diesel were increased by five or 10 paise, then BJP leaders used to create ruckus but now when petrol and diesel prices are increased daily, BJP leaders are completely silent.

“Despite the huge reduction in the prices of crude oil at international level, their prices are skyrocketing in the country” he added.

He said that during the time of UPA government, gas cylinder was available for Rs 350 but now its price has reached Rs 906.

Harshwardhan Chauhan has alleged that due to nexus with oil companies, its prices are being increased every day. He said that last year these oil companies have earned more than 50 thousand crore profits amid the pandemic.

Criticizing the central government, Harshwardhan has said that country’s economy has been completely destroyed. The growth rate of India is in negative figures and unemployment is increasing at a rapid pace.

Harshwardhan Chauhan also expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the state government and said that Jai Ram government has failed on every front. He said that this government has neither any vision nor any ideology.

He said that BJP will lose the upcoming by polls as inflation and in competence of Jai Ram Thakur will be the main issues of these by polls.

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