Shimla: People travelling in Chandigarh-Shimla National Highway will now have to pay Toll tax in Sanwara, 39 kilometres away from Solan from April 19 onwards.

The toll plaza in Snawara is almost ready and a notification has been issued for fixing the rates of tax to be charged at toll plaza.

NHAI’s project Director SK Sharma said that the coral company setting up the toll plaza will start charging toll tax in a week. G R Infraprojects Limited (GRIL) company has handed over the Sanwara toll plaza to NHAI. At the same time, employees of the Coral Associate Company have started setting up their office at the toll plaza.

Jeep and car drivers will have to pay Rs 55 for one way trip. Light commercial vehicle, light goods vehicle and mini bus will have to pay Rs 90 rupees, Rs 190 will be charged for bus and truck (two axles) and Rs 210 for three axles commercial vehicle. Heavy construction machinery will be charged Rs 300 and oversized vehicle will have to pay Rs 365.

Toll Plaza Manager, Jitendra Singh, said that one part of the toll plaza is ready, while the other part will be built in one and a half months. Till then, four lines will be operated from the earlier toll.

However, people living within a radius of 10 km on either side of the plaza will have the facility of pass. To make a one-month pass for private car and Jeep, people will have to pay Rs 285. For making the pass, Aadhar card of the owner and vehicle registration card of the vehicle will be required. Apart from this, a pass of Rs 1885 will be made for other states and other districts cat and jeeps that will allow them to cross the toll plaza 50 times a month.