Mandi: At this time COVID pandemic, scientists at the premier engineering institution IIT Mandi has successfully developed Smart Ventilator and UV-C Disinfection Box.

As per information provided by the IIT Mandi, Dr. Apran Gupta, along with his team, has developed a smart ventilator costing only Rs 4,000. The developed prototype is a mechanised Artificial Manual Breathing Unit (AMBU) bag with options to control breath rate and volume of air going into the patient’s lungs.

The unique feature of the developed product is, apart from manual operation, it can be controlled by a mobile application over wi-fi as well. For the same, the smartphone application, ‘IIT Mandi Ventilator’ has been developed at IIT Mandi.

Another team of scientists of Dr. Himanshu Pathak and Dr. Sunny Zafar, have developed UV-C Disinfection Box. It’s an Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light-based portable disinfection box at a cost of ₹35,000 to disinfect metallic, plastic and cardboard products like wallets, keys, spectacles, bags, courier packages and parcels, among others, to minimise the risk of COVID-19.

Bahra University