Shimla: States premier health institution Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) is all prepared to tackle the new Coronavirus strain.

Addressing media persons on Wednesday, IGMC Senior Medical Superintendent, Dr. Janak Raj said that two separate beds have been arranged in IGMC, for the new strain virus-infected person and a team of doctors and health personnel have already been deployed for treatment, he said, adding that this virus is a redesign of the coronavirus.

He informed that as many as 264 people succumbed to Covid-19, while 1310 non-Covid deaths were reported due to other diseases at the Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC), Shimla this year.

Detailing the tasks and challenges faced during the year 2020, he said that in the year 2019 7.86 patients were attended, whereas 4.19 lakh patients have been seen in OPD in 2020.

Treatment in the cancer hospital was not hampered and emergency operations also continued during the Covid-19 crisis, he informed and said, “During the pandemic 8,262 major operations were performed in the hospital, while 18,555 minor operations were carried out. 23, 131 cancer patients were examined in the OPD out of which chemotherapy of 15, 812 patients was done. 4,015 MRIs, 76,000 X-rays were done”

Under various government schemes around 16,000 crore people were treated for which Rs 28.61 crore were spent, he said, adding that 53 destitute patients were provided free treatment under the general scheme.

He further informed that 80 new ventilators, 50 Oxygen Concentrators,  were made available by the government and Biplaner DSA and InterVentional Radiology section was started by the state government and a 10 bedded Medical ICU was started.

Talking about the frontline warriors of the hospital, he said that in IGMC, 358 health workers have been infected treating Carona patients, including 60 doctors.

IGMC has so far received 1166 patients, of whom 264 have died, 57 are undergoing treatment, he said, adding that not a single health worker has died in IGMC.