Shimla: For some people politics is everything, however for the young Congress leader Vikramaditiya Singh this does not hold weight.

Sensitivity to the concerns of the public is of highest order for the young leader, who does not shy from taking up issues related to any of the sections of the society.

On Thursday, he visited the members of the Karunamulak Sangh who were on fast unto death since Tuesday. After giving a patient hearing to the problems of the representatives of those awaiting jobs on compassionate grounds, he assured them of his full support for taking up their demands and issues at appropriate platforms.

MLA Shimla Rural had on previous occasion raised the issue of providing jobs to those seeking jobs on compassionate grounds in the Vidhan Sabha as well.

After they acceded to his assurances, Vikramaditiya Singh offered them juice to break their fast.

Finding a ray of hope the fasting members did not hesitate to solemnly swear their gratitude and locality to him and his party for the rest of their life.

“Hum Har Cheez Rajnitik view point se Sahi Karte (Everything we do is not just keeping in mind the politics)” said he.

Vikramaditiya Singh’s social media post of his assurance to provide justice to those seeking jobs on compassionate grounds has garnered over 1000 likes.

Expressing disillusionment, Bhardwaj RK Golta reacting to the FB post said, ” After forming the government’ the past is forgotten by the political party. We have been struggling for last 20 years to get jobs on compassionate grounds. Congress too was then in power. Every political party adopts favouritisim in providing jobs,” he said.
It’s the common man that suffers, he lamented.

Nonetheless, Vikramaditiya Singh MLA (Shimla Rural) had last week visited Himachal Pradesh University to support the protesting students, who were demanding entrance exams for admission to various Post Graduation courses in the university.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.