Registering a complaint, a click away with ‘Crime Free Himachal’ App

Shimla: Crime in Himachal Pradesh is on the rise. After scores of criminal cases including infamous Gudiya Rape and murder case in past three years and ever-increasing arrest of many youths in drug paddling, the state police founding multifaceted challenges to nab the criminals and bring them to book.  

To ensure better investigations and easy filling criminal complaints, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, today, released a ‘Manual on Criminal Investigation’ and also launched a Mobile App ‘Crime Free Himachal’ of Himachal Pradesh Police.

Director-General of Police S.R. Mardi informed that Manual covers the protocols to be followed in the investigation of crimes in a systematic manner and an investigating officer can derive maximum professional value from the Manual. While the Crime Free Himachal App will enable people to register their complaints without revealing their identity.

Chief Minister acknowledged that the “Criminal investigation is a multifaceted challenge and proper investigation is essential for successful prosecution.”

Thakur underlined that people would have greater faith in the Rule of Law if the investigation leads to the conviction of criminals. He said

“rule of law was an important ingredient of good governance thus the police investigators play an important role in good governance”

The CM lauded the effort of the state police for coming up with a Manual on Crime Investigation. He hoped that the manual would help investigation officers to update and upgrade their knowledge and skills so that usual procedural infirmities during the investigation could be effectively addressed.

Chief Minister said the Police App ‘Crime Free Himachal’ would go a long way in ensuring maximum participation of the general public in tackling crime in the State. He said that people should be motivated to download this app, to ensure their participation in making the state crime-free state.