Shimla: Governor Acharya Devvrat said Sanskrit is the oldest and scientific language in the world which has the distinction of being the mother of all languages and capable of making all-round development of a person.

The Governor, in the State Level conference of Sanskrit Students organized jointly by Himachal Sanskrit Academy and Sanskrit Bharat Pratishthan at Himachal Pradesh University Shimla today, said that knowledge of Veds inscribed in Sanskrit language proved valuable for the spiritual upliftment of mankind. He said significant damage was done to Sanskrit when it was linked to caste system. He expressed his concern over neglect of Sanskrit language.

The Governor said that Sanskrit was a complete language based on philosophy of life and power of soul. Every person should have knowledge of this language useful in spreading values in the society. The language is full of divinity and can prove to be a medium of peace in the world.

He said Veds were full of wisdom and guided the humanity for centuries. The deep knowledge of Veds can be achieved with understanding of Sanskrit language.

Acharya Devvrat called upon students of Sanskrit to ensure their involvement in popularizing Sanskrit language and making it a medium of communication of common man. He expressed hope that practice of Sanskrit language by masses will create positive energy and divinity in the society. He appreciated the efforts being made by Himachal Sanskrit Academy and Sanskrit Bharat Pratishthan in promotion and dissemination of Sanskrit language.

The Governor also inaugurated the website of Sanskrit Bharat Pratishthan. He also released the books ‘Vaidiktatvavimarsh’ written by Bhaktvatsal Sharma and ‘Lamha-lamha Jindagi’ written by Kumari Shilpa.

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