Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) has successfully been implemented in Himachal Pradesh. This programme aimed at to usher in a system of updated land records, automated and automatic mutation, integration between textual and spatial records, inter-connectivity between revenue and registration has proven to be a time and money savior to the common people in the State.

In the first phase Mandi, Hamirpur and Sirmour districts were taken up as the unit for implementation of the programme on pilot basis in the year 2008-2009 and the project proposal for these districts 1319.57 lakh (Rs. 718.33 lakh as Centre share and Rs. 601.24 lakh) State share were sanctioned out of which 1161.23 lakh had been spent. During the year 2011-12 four districts viz: Kangra, Kinnaur, Shimla and Una were taken under the DILRMP project. Total amount of Rs. 2972 lakh had been sanctioned against which the Central Government released Rs. 2231.77 lakh and State share was Rs. 474.27 lakh, out of which Rs. 522.03 lakh have been spent.

During the year 2014-15 remaining five districts viz: Bilaspur, Chamba, Kullu, Lahaul-Spiti and Solan were taken under the project for which an amount of Rs. 19.904 crore was sanctioned and GoI had released its 60 percent share to the tune of Rs. 11.942 crore whereas Rs. 709.45 lakh State share was also released and all the funds were provided to these five districts.

The date entry work of Record of Right (RoR) has been completed in respect of all 21392 revenue villages of the State except the villages under Settlement. This data is available on-line for viewing purpose for the general public. The State Government has authorised Lok Mitra Kendras to issue copies of RoR having digital signatures to the general public and these copiers have been given legal sanctity by the State Government. Now with the hosting of RoR data on web based server, anyone can access this data 24×7.

The work of digitization of Cadastral Maps has been started in all districts and three service providers have already been selected for digitization of Cadastral Maps in 12 districts. As of today the digitization of 174295 Mussavis out of 192049 Mussavis has been completed.

The digitized cadastral maps of Chamba, Hamirpur and Mandi districts have been linked with RoR and available on the website of Revenue Department where general public can easity access to it. Computer data cnetres have been established at Tehsil, Sub Division and District level throughout the state.

The State Data Centre has been established at the Headquarter of State IT Department at Shimla and the data of computerized RoR has been hosted on the server established at State Data Centres and the data of RoR has been shifted from Tehsil Based Client Servers to the web based server of State Data Centre where public can access the date around the clock. The offices of Revenue Officers and Sub-Registrars have also been interconnected.

Computerization of Registration process has also been completed in all Tehsils and the work of registration has been interrelated with the RoR throughout the State. The valuation details of land have been made available on the website of Revenue Department as per circle rates fixed by the District Collectors. Similarly the data entry of legacy encumbrances is being maintained through computers. The work of scanning and preservation of old documents is under process. The work of establishing Modernization of Record Rooms in all districts is in progress.