The strong exception over the statement of Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmauri, in which he has invited suggestions for wild animal-human conflict management, the state CPM has termed it as tactical conspiracy to evade from responsibility of taking timely action.

Demanding resignation of the Forest Minister, the CPM leader Dr. Kuldip Singh Tanwar, advised the state government to approach High Court for early hearing to remove stay. He said

“It is important to note that Central Government has already declared monkeys as vermin in some parts of the state and Forest Minister is thinking of inviting suggestions instead of taking concrete action on ground. These statements are misleading people of the state as Supreme Court has already clarified that they have no objection to declare monkeys as vermin”

Dr. Tanwar termed the forest minister statement a tactical conspiracy to evade from responsibility of taking timely action to resolve wild animal-human conflict. He asked whether minister don’t know extent of problem even after several farmer organisations have repeatedly raised the issue.

He wondered that during three years’ term as Forest Minister, Bharmauri has not understood gravity, extent and nature of this huge problem. He said that it reflects his insensitivity towards people and their pressing issues and demanded that he should immediately resign as Forest Minister for not meeting people’s demands and resolving their problems.

Dr. Tanwar said that state government has not taken any action even after three months of Central Government declaring monkeys as vermin. He cautioned the Government to take action and threaten to initiate state-wide protest if failed to come forward with clear cut action plan to manage wild animal-human conflict.

Earlier, yesterday Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmauri has invited suggestions for control over the monkey menace in the State. He claimed of taking effective measures to check the monkey menace and the matter had also been repeatedly raised with the Government of India.