Less than twenty months to go into the state poll, the state BJP claiming of getting its due share from the Union Government.

Anurag Thakur, MP Hamirpur, hailing the performance of the BJP led Union Government, said the Narendra Modi government is completing two years in power, and under Modi’s leadership country is moving towards becoming a world leader.

Hamirpur MP listed the initiatives taken by the Union Government for the state. He claimed the Union Government is contribution towards advancing developments in Himachal Pradesh. The focus of NDA government is on infrastructural projects and several projects have been sanctioned to Himachal and the financial position of cash starved state was much better due liberal devolution of funds by the centre.

Hamirpur parliamentarian claimed the Himachal Pradesh has benefited immensely from the initiatives of the Union Government. Thakur said the recent Union Government has sanctioned 17 National Highways to foster connectivity, Rs. 500 crore budget for construction of bridges, Rs. 600 crore for setting up medical colleges, for expansion of railway network a budget of Rs. 450 crore has been assigned. More importantly, the share of states in central taxes has been increased from to 42 per cent from 32 per cent prevalent under the UPA regime.

He blamed the state government for failing miserably in ensuring the livelihood of people of the State. Thakur blamed

“There have been various incidents where Virbhadra Singh’s government has not taken charge of things, leading to negatively impacting the general public. The recent incident wherein students of class X poor performance across 16 State led government high schools in Himachal, has brought to light government’s failure in providing quality education. All students appearing for class X board have failed and class XII board results have also been upsetting. Inadequate teaching standard and shortage of teachers has led to this debacle. Despite talented youth siting unemployed, the government is not making provisions of hiring them in order to improvise the standard of teaching. This highlights the government’s indifferent attitude towards the State and its growth. This matter is of grave concern as youth is our future and it must be dealt with utmost sincerity and seriousness. The government’s causal approach will not be entertained at the cost of the future of children.”

Another State BJP leader, Rajiv Bindal also hailed the performance of the Union Government. He said the Union Govt is working with a long-term vision and without any discrimination against Himachal to ensure speedy development of the state.

Bindal claimed the Modi Govt giving special attention towards Himachal. Bindal said that the state got higher allocation of Rs 21000 Crore from 13th Finance Commission with an increase of mere 50 percent during the previous UPA regime in Centre, when BJP was in power in Himachal but the 14th Finance Commission report was submitted and accepted during the NDA rule and Himachal got much higher allocation of Rs 45000 Crores with an increase of 250 percent.

The state is scheduled to go into assembly poll in 2017 and the state BJP is trying to project Prime Minister Narender Modi as a sympathizer of the state. Modi, while campaigning for the parliamentary poll, promised to give liberal assistance to the state.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.