The Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) has announced a special package for pilgrims of Ardhkumbh Mela starting from 5 February at Haridwar.

Transport Minister G.S. Bali disclosed today that the group of more than 25 pilgrims or its representative from a particular area in the State could avail the benefit of this package for which they would have to approach concerned Regional Managers or Divisional Managers for special booking and package with a written request alongwith advance payment of Rs. 1000.

For the security of the pilgrims and their valuables and coordination with the local police on the way, police personnel, preferably a woman would be deployed. Breakfast/lunch/dinner during the journey (including return) would be provided to the pilgrims at reasonable rates at earmarked dhaba’s (having proper washroom facilities particularly for the women.

The rate of breakfast has been fixed Rs. 30, Rs. 50 for lunch/dinner and Rs.10 for tea.

Transport Minister said one towel would be provided to each pilgrim on payment basis and a puja packet on complimentary basis. The charges would be actual fare night bus, subject to the condition that 25 passengers were available. To pick a group of pilgrims’ upto the radium of 25 kms, the concerned Regional Manager would provide a conveyance on actual bus fare basis.