Irrigation & Public Health Minister Vidya Stokes today condemned the BJP leaders for hatching a conspiracy against Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh. She said that BJP leaders were resorting to false and frivolous propaganda to destabilize the state government but they would never succeed in their intentions.

In her press statement, cabinet minister said that the conduct of the opposition party n the State Assembly was a part of planned strategy. The BJP was not only indulged in making false cases against congress leadership in the State but also in the Centre to blemish the image of the party which showed its imperceptible mindset. The BJP made tall and fake promises to the people of the country to come to the power but now instead of fulfilling the promises, the party was engaged in false propaganda against congress leaders just to divert attention of the people.

Stokes said that baffled over the inquiries being made by the state government into various irregularities and land scams during the BJP regime, the BJP leaders were trying to tarnish the image of Chief Minister. But they should know that the cases against Virbhadra Singh were under trial and central investigating agencies were doing their own work. She said that when a case was under consideration of the Hon’ble court, it was not appropriate to discuss it in the house.

The Minister said that people chose their representatives for development and it was the democratic responsibility of the opposition and party in the power to formulate development policies. The BJP members should realize that crores of rupees were spent on the house proceedings and by making unnecessary hue and cry they were abstaining from their duties as responsible opposition party.

Vidya Stokes said that the opposition was opposing both democracy and the constitution which was not in the best interest of the State. She said that BJP leaders should refrain from conspiring against the Chief Minister as he was a mass leader and his entire political career had remained unblemished and the entire party and all MLAs were behind him like a solid rock. She said that instead of dreaming to destabilize the popular congress government, the BJP members should come forward to give their constructive contribution in the house proceedings in the larger interests of the State and people of the State.

Independent Legislatures support Chief Minister

The Associate Members of the Congress Party and independent MLAs Manohar Dhiman, Pawan Kajal, Krinesh Jang and Balbir Singh Verma reacted aggressively against the Leader of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal statement and said that they were prepared for any kind of action.

In a joint press statement, they said that they stand by their words and they had full faith in the leadership of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh. Expressing surprise over the remarks of former Chief Minister, they said that by threatening them he was trying to throttle the voice of democracy. The BJP was expecting from them to boycott the assembly proceedings as it had been doing since last three days, but they were responsible for the people of their home segments who had elected them for development and raising their issues in the Assembly.

The MLAs said that the trust of the people was above all for them which they could not break just because of any warnings and they were ready to face the consequences.