Targeting Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, HP State BJP President Satpal Satti has accused him for bringing shame to The Himachal by earning the dubious distinction of being the only CM to be interrogated by the CBI on corruption charges.

In a statement, Satpal Satti demanded that Virbhadra Singh should resign immediately from the post. He said

there are other charges of corruption too against Virbhadra and he is stalling all efforts for a free and fair investigation. If he feels himself innocent, why he should he be afraid of any inquiry by a commission headed by a sitting judge of the High Court,

Accusing him to be behaving like a feudal fascists, Satti said Virbhadra Singh is acting as an accuser, investigating agency and the judge – all by himself – to give the verdict of “not guilty” for his own self and his cronies while declaring his opponents as “guilty” without trial.

Satti also accused Virbhadra Singh for adopting double standards when complaints are made against him or his Congress leaders during BJP regime. He reminded Virbhadra that when Congress made allegations against the then BJP minister Rajiv Bindal, the entire Congress opposition including Virbhadra had not allowed the assembly to function for a number of days, staged dharnas and presented Memorandum to the Governor although they had produced no document to prove their allegations. On the contrary, when his own conduct is under investigation for corruption charges, the self-acclaimed ‘morally very high’ Virbhadra Singh is refusing to practice what he preaches to others.

Satti cited the case of Rajinder Rana whose arrest and inquiry against him Virbhadra Singh had demanded in Congress “charge-sheet” against the then BJP government about 17 months back. Now that Rana has joined Congress he has overnight turned a man of virtue for Virbhadra and the latter has adopted him as Congress candidate for parliament election, Satti chided.

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Rahul Bhandari is Editor of TheNewsHimachal and has been part of the digital world for last 15 years.