Bahra University

The Himachal Pradesh vigilance and anti-corruption bureau has recommended confiscating 15 acres land of Kumud Bhushan Educational Society at Kandwari near Palampur in Kangra district.

Govt has enforced a total ban on sale of tea gardens to non-agriculturists and despite that in February 2010 the then State Govt had allowed Kumud Bhushan Educational Society of Prashant Bhushan to buy the tea-estate land at Kandwari near Palampur in Kangra district to start an educational institution with the condition of opening it within two years of purchase.

However, after Vigilance investigation it was found that the society had violated the terms and conditions of the rules and hadn’t open any educational institution at the place.

In a letter, Vigilance official stated that the Bureau had found irregularities in granting relaxation of rules for the purchase of land to Bhushan. In the official stated that the enquiry found permission was granted to purchase 122 kanal (15.25 acres, as 1 kanal equals one-eighth of an acre) of tea estate land to run an educational institute within two years. But no school or college exists. However, an educational institute, Shambhawana, exists, which is not affiliated to any university or board. Hence, the society violated… rules and the land is required to be confiscated to the account of the Himachal government…. short workshops, camps and seminars are being conducted in this institute. But no school or college is found on the spot,” the report states, adding that while an educational institution requires only 22 kanal (2.75 acres) of land, the society purchased 122 kanal.

Prashant Bhushan, beneficiary, accused Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh for state vigilance and anti-corruption bureau report and termed it an act out of vengeance because he raised voice for opening corruption cases against him.

15 august 2021