The Himachal Pradesh BJP expressed surprise over the re-allotment of five eco-tourism projects to same promoters, against whom Congress top leaders, when in opposition, were raising doubts and blaming then Govt for extending undue favor for them.

In a press communiqué, BJP state spokesperson Ganesh Dutt said the Congress had opposed the all five eco-tourism projects during the BJP regime but now it had re-allotted the same projects to them. He sought the reason for a “sudden change in heart”.

BJP leader also accused Congress led state government for adopting double standards on private universities. Dutt stated that Congress had made it a major issue against the BJP government in the Assembly polls and now its leaders were seen on its every function as chief guest.

Ganesh Dutt stated that BJP in favour of quality education and opened many private universities in the state and had constituted a regularity commission to oversee their working and education standard. However, ruling Congress has now closed the commission under the influence of universities owners, Dutt accused.

BJP leader stated that Congress double standard on corruption, transparency in decision-making have been come to fore and Govt has exposed on every front. Ganesh Dutt has demanded public apology from the Congress led government for opposing the eco-tourism projects and misguiding the people. Dutt also demanded Chief Minister clarification over it.