Any citizen making purchase of pre-owned vehicle will have to take a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Police as a part of the requirements of Transport Authority under law. For the same, one NOC counter had been functional in the CID, State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) since 2003. Analysis of data showed that 100-150 people from all parts of the State were visiting Shimla daily to get NOC. This not only involved a rush at this single SCRB counter but also spelled discomfort and travel inconvenience to the general public.

The State CID (SCRB) has now decided to de-centralize the Motor Vehicle Verification Counter Data and open counters in all districts so as to provide more responsive and people friendly systems. These counters will be stationed at all District Police Headquarters.

To impart training for the same, a workshop was held at CID (SCRB) training centre in mid November this year in which training to 24 participants was imparted to operate the NOC counters in their respective Districts Headquarters. The district Superintendents of Police are directed to start the NOC counter at their respective Districts Headquarters by 1st December, 2013. This facility will not only speed up the process of giving NOCs by the police to the public but will also go a long way in increasing convenience vis a vis time and money to the general public.