Himachal Pradesh Congress has strongly condemned the recent statement made by BJP president Satpal Satti and other leaders referring to Congress president as Contractor.

In a joint statement, state congress leaders, Harsh Mahajan, Ram Lal Thakur, Sudhir Sharma and Rajesh Dharmani have challenged BJP leaders termed it baseless and dared to prove that Sukhu had ever worked as a Contractor or had been registered as a contractor at any time during his career. They claimed that congress president had not misused political posts for making wealth.

Earlier, BJP leaders including state party president Satpal Satti, former minister I.D Dhiman, Vijay Agnihotri and Baldev Sharma (in their joint statement yesterday) had accused Satti for misusing his political post for gaining financially.

Congress leaders have asked the BJP leaders not challenge the status of the Congress President as it was the apex post in the State Congress leadership. Congress leaders accused that Prem Kumar Dhumal had become the contractor for commercialisation of politics, and his son Anurag had become the contractor for the commercialisation of cricket in the state. They said that Congress president was ready to quit politics if proved wrong but the BJP leaders should take up the challenge and quit politics, if they had any morality left in them whatsoever instead of resorting to baseless allegations.

Congress leaders said that the Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu had been made the party president after seeing his honesty, transparency and morality by the Congress high command and it did not require any certificate from the BJP. They said that Sukhu had been the first person to declare not just his income but also his sources of income in the Vidhan Sabha in 2008. They challenged the Prem Kumar Dhumal and Anurag Thakur to declare the source of their income so that the people could know how they had gained their wealth. They also said that the politicians were not judged by win or loss in the elections, but by the standards and moral values which they uphold is what makes leaders.

Congress leaders said that Sukhwinder Singh was not politician but the chief servant of the people of the state and was trying to do service to the people of the state by cleansing it from the mafias being carried on by the father son duo of Dhumal and Anurag.

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