New Delhi: BJYM national president and Hamirpur parliamentarian Anurag Thakur has welcomed the defamation suit filed by businessman Vakamulla Chandershekhar.

In a press statement Anurag Thakur said

In fact, the suit will present us with an opportunity to put the facts and documents in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi and I am very sure that the truth will be our defence in the Court of Law

He further added that the charges we have leveled on Virbhadra Singh are purely on the basis of facts and documents, which are undeniable, and these documents rather substantiate the charges/allegations.

Thakur found it as yet another ploy of Virbhadra Singh to mislead the people and Congress leadership on the issue to save his chair but such tactics shall not work this time around as he stands completely exposed on the issue.

Arun Dhumal, who in fact exposed this case, found it quite strange that the person who had been sending press releases on behalf of Virbhadra Singh was now engaged by Vakamulla Chandershekhar to defend him in the media.

Younger Dhumal further added that Vakamulla Chandershekhar in his defamation suit had requested to the Hon’ble court to pass a decree of permanent injunction in his favour to restrain BJP leaders and other from resorting to all types of media for issuing any statement against him. However, the Hon’ble Court has not accommodated and obliged Vakamulla’s request which itself reassert their claims against Vakamulla and his dealings with Virbhadra Singh, Arun stated.

Arun vow to fight against all the misdeeds of Virbhadra Singh and determine to expose Chief Minister publicly.

In a joint statement issued from office of Anurag Singh Thakur, both brother revealed that they are in the process of filing their response to the plaint to place on record the correct facts and documents in the matter.