Supreme Court verdict on Rafale deal a victory of truth and it was a slap on the face of Congress: Himachal Chief Minister

BJP leader and Hamirpur Parliamentarian Anurag Thakur today moved a privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi over the Rafale deal for misleading the House in a speech he delivered in the Lok Sabha on July 20 during the no-confidence motion against the government.

Demanding an apology from the Indian National Congress president, Thakur, in his notice called his price comparison of the aircraft with that during the UPA regime’s “a figment of imagination, incorrect and utter falsehood” and said: “For reasons of national security, the Government of India has not given out the exact details but has already indicated that the price of the basic aircraft being purchased now as per the 2016 agreement is 9% cheaper and the price of the weaponised aircraft is 20% cheaper compared to the price being negotiated by the UPA.

“A comparative chart of these prices was submitted by the Government of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in sealed cover. After perusing the prices as claimed by the Government, the Hon’ble Court noted the submission of the Government that there is a commercial advantage in the prices negotiated in the 2016 deal by NDA Government. The court dismissed the challenge on basis of higher price offer as per the 2007 offer.”

Thakur added, “Not only are his figures factually false, they fail to take into consideration the impact of the escalation clause contained in the 2007 offer. Further, he falsely attempts to compare an ordinary aircraft — a flying instrument with a weaponised aircraft. Obviously, the cost of the weaponry will be much higher.”

Meanwhile, the Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur has hailed the Supreme Court verdict in Rafale case. Addressing a Press Conference held at Rohtak in Haryana today, Jai Ram Thakur the apex court verdict was a victory of truth and it was a slap on the face of Congress which was engaged in politics of falsehood and propaganda and misleading the people of the country on the Rafale Deal.

The Chief Minister said that the verdict has fully exposed the Congress party and its’ President Rahul Gandhi, who in over enthusiasm was racking up this issue in a desperate attempt to divert the attention of people of the country from the development that Nation has witnessed under the dynamic and able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He said that by resorting to such a great lie, the Congress has not only tried to put the national security in danger but also tried to mislead people of the country, which was unfortunate and for this shameless act people of the country would never forgive them. He said that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi should apologize to the country on this disgraceful act.

Jai Ram Thakur said that the BJP led NDA government at the Centre took a big decision of Rafale Deal in the interest of the country, this decision of national interest was not liked by Congress and few others who resorted to playing gimmicks by finding unnecessary loopholes. He said that this deal was to be finalised way back in 2007, but even after eight years of Congress rule in the Centre they could not take any decision in this regard. Was this delay due to the fact that the Congress Government could not get commission from the middlemen in this deal, he asked the Congress leaders.