Founded in the year 1970, the Himachal Pradesh University has made it to the galaxy of the elite seats of learning like Nalanda University and Banaras Hindu University that have their own University Anthems. Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla (HPU) became the first University in the region to have adopted its own ‘Kulgeet’. This new beginning in the 42 years existence of the University came to realization with the persuasion of present Vice-Chancellor Prof. A.D.N.Bajpai, who with his vision gave this proposal to former Vice-Chancellor of Sampurnanand Vishawavidlayala and former faculty member of Sanskrit Department at HPU to write the Kulgeet and Prof. R.S. Shandil shouldered the responsibility of composing and giving lyrics.

A three-member committee was constituted to frame `Kulgeet` for the university and out of three different drafts, a draft submitted by Dr Rajindra Mishra, former vice-chancellor of Dr Sampoornanda Sanskrit University, was approved.

Located amidst the sylvan surroundings, the University presents congenial atmosphere to pursue higher studies. The University is striving hard to have a system of learning which is meticulously intellectual and socially relevant and for this purpose the university has recently prepared its Vision Document- Drishti: Swarna Jayanti 2020. The Vision document will stick to eight goals which have been selected after detailed deliberations. While setting up the goals, the main thrust is on fostering of new teaching and research techniques among students to nurture their talent. The Vision Document provides a framework to pursue towards these goals whose implementation will certainly demand complete dedication from all departments and administrative staff. Besides this, three academic chairs have been introduced and University’s own Journal & Newsletter launched and Alumni Association constituted. Numerous departmental and subject based academic associations are in place to promote need based research, preserve ethical standards in relation to all its goals and actions, undertake academic collaborations and networking with the other institutions both in India and Abroad.

The university anthem consists of seven stanzas and is of nearly 70-second duration. The words are a combination of Sanskrit and Hindi and music for the anthem is being composed by the performing arts department of HPU. The anthem defines the university as New Nalanda (Naval Nalanda), on the lines of Nalanda University which was the highest institute of education in ancient India.

The Kulgeet highlights the importance since its inception attaining the age of 42 years among the chanting of mantras purely on the Land of Gods wherein this University is situated on the high hill at Summer Hill. The land of different Goddesses presence with many places of pilgrimage full of ancient and traditional culture with a great sense of civilization singing the sweet melody in the Himalayan Hills. The small streams and rivulets like Ravi and Chanderbhaga engaged in cleaning the environment with sweet and sound noise. This land of Himachal Pradesh where this University is carved out belongs to Rishi Mandavaya with overlooking Dhauladhar high ranges like dissemination in the higher education, this University plays an important and pivotal role with dancing to the tunes of sweet songs from Chamba connecting to the presence of Goddess of education and learning Sharda.

This University has been established with the strong will of ‘Fighting the Evils not with Weapons but with Spread of Education through Learning’, the University stands like hundred years old ‘Deodar Trees’ meditating and giving a message of oneness, clean, calm and quietness leading towards excellence in higher education learning and disseminating: such is Himachal Pradesh University.

Himachal Pradesh University holds the distinction of being the only affiliating and residential University having affiliation throughout the State with about three hundred higher education colleges, institutions and centers. Initiatives have been taken to highlight the peculiar and most important characteristics of the University for over-all branding at the National and International level.