The Himachal Pradesh CPM has asked the government to ensure that the Common Entrance Test for the admissions in all the private universities and colleges is conducted by the Himachal Pradesh University as has been notified earlier.

CPM leader and Shimla Deputy Mayor Tikender Singh Panwar, in his press communiqué, has advised the government to monitor it seriously and ensure that the test is conducted by the HPU. CMP alleged to find some reports that the incumbent officials in the HPU are hand in glove with the private universities and don’t want the smooth conduct of these admission tests and hence are creating an environment that the tests should be conducted by the respective private universities.

Panwar has further asked the government to direct the HPU to use the latest modern technology for the conduct of the admission tests and should not just restrict to the selling of forms from the HPU campus. CPM advised to adopt online sale and filling of these forms, which the HPU is dillydallying, trying to pass on the buck and pose that they are incapable and hence these tests should not be conducted by them. The party has asked for a strict vigilance and speedy implementation of the decision.

The CPM has warned the government from politicizing the post of member of the Educational Institutions Regulatory panel and to stop building the Congress affiliated people for the important post. The party has asked the government to ensure that fair and non partisan character of the regulatory body is built and maintained. The post of the member and the chairperson should be of a person with high integrity and who has served in the field of education. Hence no less than the retired professor should be eligible for the post.

Pointing at the news item that appeared in a section of the press that a political appointee is preferred for the post should be categorically brushed aside and therefore CPM has asked the government to safeguard the interests of the people of the state and hoping it to ensure that the regulatory body has people who are capable, integral and from the academic field so that there is proper regulation of these institutions and not just become rubber stamps and pay a lip service.

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