The Virbhadra Singh led Congress government is pinning hope on the Centre Govt for the revival of the industrial package, which has accelerated the pace of industrialisation in the state. Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh is in Delhi and scheduled to meet various cabinet ministers and top party leaders to put his case forward for the package.

Industrial package from center has played a vital role in attracting thousands of industrial units in state as before the grant of the industrial package, there were only 196 medium and large-scale and 29,966 small-scale industrial units in the state with a combined investment of Rs 3,082.68 crore and employment to 1,58,747 persons, whereas after the package was implemented from January 2003, as many as 298 projects in medium and large-scale sector, 8,375 projects in small-scale sector and the expansion of the existing 294 units came up till December 31, 2012. These units involved a total investment of Rs 13,980.30 crore and provided employment to 1,15,586 persons of whom 92,543 persons were Himachalis.

In all, 1,045 new medium and large-scale projects, 15,175 new small-scale projects and the expansion of 432 proposals of the existing units were approved with a proposed investment of Rs 48,746.43 crore and the potential to provide employment to 5.38 lakh persons.

The package granted for 10 years was discontinued in March 2010 as a result of which the pace of industrialisation slowed down. The new government is pursuing the matter with the Centre to restore the package at least in a modified form so that some incentives are restored to attract investment. The Baddi-Barotiwala has emerged as the pharma hub for North India after the implementation of the package and Govt is hoping to attract more investors for other industrial region with the center help.