The long-awaited supply of universal cartons in white and brown colors has finally reached all HPMC (Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation) sales centers. This move is set to bring significant relief to thousands of apple growers who have been struggling to find appropriate packaging for their apples.

The government has mandated that apples be sold exclusively in these universal cartons, emphasizing strict compliance. The availability of these cartons at HPMC centers now means that gardeners can easily purchase new cartons from their nearest sales centers.

The early variety of apples in the district’s orchards is ready for harvest, but until now, growers faced challenges due to the lack of universal cartons. This shortage caused considerable difficulties for hundreds of growers who needed proper packaging to transport their apples to the markets.

Only pears will be permitted for sale in old telescopic cartons in the fruit markets. The government’s directive to sell apples only in universal cartons aims to standardize packaging and potentially improve the marketability of the produce.

The distribution of universal cartons has reached HPMC’s Odi, Gumma, Rohru, Jubbal, Chopal, Jarol Tikkar, Rampur, Chindi, Chail Chowk, Bhuntar and Patlikuhal centers. Specific deliveries were made to Rohru, Gumma, and Chindi on July 7, with the remaining centers receiving their supplies on July 9 and 10.