Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh attended the commemorating function of one thousand birth anniversary of great spiritual leader and translator Marpa Lotsawa (1012-2012) and while speaking on the occasion Virbhadra Singh said that India is a Country which has old rich cultural heritage and legacy of spiritual faith, peace and universal brotherhood. He said that ‘Buddhism’ was born in India and with the hard work of numerous Indian and Tibetan spiritual masters like Marpa Lotsawa it spread worldwide.

He said that due to concerted efforts of Buddhist scholars and practitioners the teachings of Lord Buddha had reached the pinnacle of the world.

Chief Minister said that celebration of 1000 birth anniversary of Marpa Lotsawa was an important and significant event not only to his followers and disciples but to all who believes in moral values and wisdom. He expressed happiness and gratitude for being part of this historic celebration. He said that Tibetans were respectable guest in our State and country.

Virbhadra Singh said that unity and integrity was soul of our country though we have diverse customs, food habits and languages. He said that we should feel proud to be an Indian but we should have same respect for other countries and religions. He said that at present time of materialistic world, people were aspiring for many things and losing their internal peace, so teachings of Lord Buddha and other spiritual leaders were more relevant today.

The 12th Chamyon Kenting Tai Situpa (Palpung Serabling Monastic Seat) said Guru Marpa was one of the eight pioneers of the practice lineages, the founder of the Kagyu tradition. He said that master Marpa Lotsawa thrice came to India and spent 21 years learning ancient knowledge from many guru’s and mahatma’s. Whatever teaching he received from them he wrote, translated and brought them into Tibet and his translated works were available today in three huge volumes with eleven cycles of teachings.

Tai Situpa said that this way Marpa brought into Tibet the authoritative instructions transmitted from the Buddha to Mahayogi Tilopa and newly established Kagyu tradition known as the ‘Kagyu Tradition of Guru Marpa’. He said that Marpa work had immensely benefited the humanity and offered services to Dharma.

Vidya Stokes, Irrigation and Public Health Minister, Sudhir Sharma, Urban Development Minister, Kishori Lal and Yadvinder Goma, both MLAs, T.G. Negi, Advisor to Chief Minister, J.C. Chauhan, Principal Private Secretary to Chief Minister, C. Palrasu, Deputy Commissioner, Balbir Singh Thakur, Superintendent of Police and other senior officers were present among others.

Students of Palpung Riglam Kyedtsal School Sangha presented traditional dance and cultural programme on the occasion.